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 New Classic Pieces

It is a collection featuring original designed earpieces made with Cotton Pearls or Natural Fresh Water Pearls.
Every piece was designed for wearers who are allergic to metal or do not have ear piercing yet want to decorate their ears.
They were either attached with ear clips, ear cuffs or with posts made of 14K filled Gold or 925 Silver.


Handcrafted Silver Poems


This collection is made of 99.9% pure silver. Without mixing any other metals, they are not as strong as 925 Silver but possess a sense of pureness and tenderness.



The Arctic Ring Pieces

The unveiled ice pieces on the Arctic Ocean.
Sea waves crash and shape them into beautiful unique objects sparkling under the precious sunlight, brighter than everything else.


Available in

Tai Hang Store Only

The Flower Room | Shop 15A, Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang, HK




The Florallery Collection items were made of natural dried floral leaves that are
special processed to be anti-moisture and more long lasting than normal dried floral plants,
yet still soft and delicate.