Silver Moon Ear Stick

Silver Moon Ear Stick



Silver Moon Ear Stick made of materials from Japan.

It is perfect for you if you are allergic to metal yet want to decorate your ears in an elegant way as it does not require any ear piercing.

Pair it with other silver earpieces in my shop to complete your look :)

Please note that this is currently made to order. It will take 3-14 days to create a brand new item for you after order confirmation.


▸How to wear◂

∘ Open the clip and attach the earpiece on your lobule

∘ Fix the position of the earpiece by moving the top pearl under the helix of your ear, the helix will slightly cover the top of the pearl



∘ Silver coated brass Spiral Ear clip, made in Japan

∘ Cotton Pearls, made in Japan


▸Single/ Pair◂

It does not come in pair, one piece only. It is best to match it with a smaller or simpler earring or earcuff on your another ear.

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